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BuyDermaPen.com has been providing dermapen, derma microneedling pen and beauty equipments nearly 10 years. We are professional in manufacturing and selling a broad range of microneedle pen, dr. pen, derma roller and skin care devices for mesotherapy and collagen induction therapy etc. BuyDermaPen keeps a high standard in producing beauty equipments including external appearance, hard and soft ware debugging, products assembly, testing and more. We offer our clients advanced technology, superior quality and trustworthy products, ontime delivery and good aftersales service.

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Dermapen Micro-Needle Skin Therapy

What is DermaPen? Dermapen is a revolutionary new skin micro-needling treatment which helps to promote scarless healing. The device is equipped with tiny needles which pierce the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing process. This results in the production of new collagen and elastin, leading to firmer, younger-looking skin. Dermapen requires minimal downtime, so you […]

Hydra Needle Microneedle Derma Stamp | Skin Care Serum Applicator

WHAT IS HYDRA NEEDLE? Hydra Needle is a revolutionary single-use microneedling/microchanneling device used to inject a variety of serums into the skin. The sterile vial holds a signature “cocktail” prepared especially for each patient based on that individual’s skin concerns. This “cocktail” is then infused through 20 gold tip needles to produce optimal delivery of […]
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