Electric Derma Pen | 7 Color LED Photon Therapy Dermapen


Electric Derma Pen | 7 Color LED Photon Therapy Dermapen

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7 bio light LED photon therapy Dermapen

Model 3 In 1 Dermapen
Name Injection Derma Pen
Adapter 5V-1000MA
Needle Length 0.25-2.0mm adjust
Needle Cartridge 9/12/24/36/42/nano/3D/5D needle
Speed Level 5 Levels
Max Speed 18000RPM
Power Supply Rechargeable with battery
Syringe 5ML / Customized
Package Size 23.4 x 12.2 x 6.2cm

Greeen light-effect on sedation,soothing and purifying.
Red light-reduce fine lines and wrinkleranti-aging.
Blue light-acne/skin inflammation ,anti-inflammatory.
Yellow light-decompose pigmentjmprove rough skin.
Purple light-repairing the acne.scar.
Cyan light-gradual enhance cell energy
Laser light-penetrate the skin deep.
accelerate active tissue metabolism decomposition color spots.

1.It is electric micro needle derma roller.
2.The needle is stain steel needle.
3.Each derma roller has 2 tips.each tip has12 needles.
4.you can adjust the size of the needle and also the vibrating frequency.

1. Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment.
2. Stretch mark removal
3. Anti ageing,wrinkle
4. Cellulite treatment/ cellulite reduction or removal.
5. Hair loss treatment/ hair restoration
6. Hyper pigmentation treatment.


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