7 Light Led Dermapen DP15 W/ 50PCS 42 Pin Cartridges


7 Light Led Dermapen DP15 W/ 50PCS 42 Pin Cartridges


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The 7 colors LED Photon Electric Derma Pen is a motorized surgical instrument that uses a disposable needle tip cartridge, automatic and electric.
You do not need to buy a new one every time. Just replace the needle.
Needle length is adjustable from 0.25mm to 2.0mm according to the areas and purposes of the therapy.
It is more convenient to treat narrow areas such as nose, around eye or mouth.
Besides, the vibration speed can be controlled in 5 levels.

1. Wrinkle removal,acne removal,improve scar,rejuvenation
2. The narrow focus of the site(glabellum,wrinkle,scar)
3. Shrink pores
4. Treatment of striate gravidarum
5. Improve wrinkle and fine lines
6. Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds
7. Anti-hair removal
8. 7 colors LED Photon DermaPen is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments.

How to use
Different needle length takes a different using method
The size of 0–0.50mm use method is:in the skin on the circle treatment.
The size of 1.00–2.50mm use method is:likes the stamp roller using way(stamp on the skin)
Different needle depths are used for different skin care treatments.

1.No cross infection/one-time disposable needle consumables
2.Speed-faster than manual applications
3.Short session times
4.Adjustable needle depth
5. Minimal pain
6.Lightweight handpiece
7.Easy to use
8.Low cost consumable
9.User independent

Name All In One 7 BIO Lights Microneedle Therapy
Adapter 5V-1000MA
Needle Length 0-2.0mm adjust
Needle Cartridge 9/12/24/36/42/nano/3D/5D needle
Speed Level 5 Levels
LED Light Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Purple / Clear Blue / Laser Light
Max Speed 18000RPM
Battery 2 Batteries + 1 plug-in board
Weight Main body 102g
Pen Size 17x 2.1cm
Package Size 18x11x4.8cm

1 x main body
1 x Manual
2 x Batteries
1 x plug-in board
1 x Charger board
2 x Needle Cartridges

LED Photon Derma Pen Application:
Wrinkle removal, acne removal, improve scar, rejuvenation
The narrow focus of the site (glabellum, wrinkle, scar)
Shrink pores
Treatment of striate gravidarum
Improve wrinkle and fine lines
Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds
Anti-hair removal


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