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Are you looking for a minimally-invasive aesthetic treatment to refresh and revitalize your skin? Do you want to improve the overall tone, texture, and quality of your skin? Micro-needling may be the right skin rejuvenation treatment for you! Doctors Med Spa offers micro-needling treatments with Dermapen for patients interested in tightening loose or lax skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne scarring, and improve the tone and texture of the skin.

DermaPen is a skin micro-needling treatment with minimum downtime which promotes scarless healing and natural collagen production in the skin to improve the appearance of scars, acne scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles, pigmentation and rejuvenate the skin.

What is micro-needling?

This procedure is minimally-invasive, non-surgical skin rejuvenating technique that uses the dermapen micro needling , an automated medical device that contains multiple fine needles, to create microchannels in the skin for increased stimulation of circulation and natural collagen production in the treated area. This newly created collagen provides the skin with additional support and helps to improve the overall health and quality of the skin. This dermapen micro needling treatment helps tighten skin, improve scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and aids the absorption of topical skin care products.

Benefits of Micro-needling:
Stimulates collagen production
Safe for most skin types
Treats fine lines
Improves skin texture
Reduces the appearance of large pores
Enhances the effects of topical skin care products
Stimulates circulation
Improves overall health of skin

A dermapen is an effective way to remove acne scarring and imperfections on the skin, the biggest benefit is the improvement in overall skin tone and texture that comes about after the treatment, along with the minimised appearance of pores in the skin, reduced superficial wrinkles and reduced appearance of stretch marks.

How does the dermapen work?

A dermapen works through a method of puncturing the skin through a spring-loaded automated function, the dermapen uses microneedles to move up and down across the skin, puncturing small holes as it moves. The mechanism inside the dermapen causes the stimulation of healthy collagen and the small punctures in the skin to allow for nutrients to be absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. The dermapen process is fast and therefore doesn’t damage the dermal layers of the skin.

Is dermapen the same as microneedling?

Dermapen is a brand name for a microneedling tool.

Instead of the traditional microneedling roller which is essentially a wheel covered in microneedles, a dermapen is a handheld device designed to overcome all the issues of a traditional derma roller.

The dermapen offers adjustable depth so the treatment isn’t too deep in sensitive areas along with being fitted with surgical grade disposable needles for a patient’s safety.

Does the dermapen hurt?

You may experience minor discomfort during the skin needling treatment but a numbing cream can be applied beforehand to reduce this. Depending on the aggressiveness of treatment, you may experience pinpoint bleeding during the treatment but not ongoing.

You may find temporary redness of the skin for a couple of hours or a day depending on the treatment type. This redness often heals up quickly, however, if you experience any prolonged discomfort it’s advised to get in touch with the surgery that undertook your treatment.

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Micro Needle Derma Pen For Sale – Buy Derma Pen

Is dermapen the same as Microneedling?

Dermapen has 12 microscopic needles that oscillate faster, while creating the tiny wounds in the skin’s surface. Dermapen is more safe and effective when penetrating the skin compared to traditional microneedling rollers. Dermapen will give you more consistent results than laser treatments and dermal rollers.

How long does it take to see results from dermapen?

Permanent changes in the skin will start becoming visible after three to six prescribed treatments by an authorised Dermapen treatment provider. The sessions are typically spaced 2 to 8 weeks in between.

Does the dermapen hurt?

You may experience minor discomfort during the skin needling treatment but a numbing cream can be applied beforehand to reduce this. Depending on the aggressiveness of treatment, you may experience pin-point bleeding during the treatment but not ongoing.

What are the side effects of dermapen?

The most common side effect is minor skin irritation immediately following the procedure. You may also see redness for a few days.
Call your doctor if you notice more severe side effects, such as:

Is dermapen good for skin?

Microneedling is generally a safe and effective procedure that can improve the appearance of the skin. It may reduce wrinkles, diminish scarring, and tighten or rejuvenate loose or aging skin

Does dermapen really work?

It can help tackle things like uneven skin texture, sun damage, loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, and the overall appearance of your skin. But yes, as you read, there are needles involved and the goal is (very mild) trauma, so it doesn’t come without its discomforts.

Can Microneedling ruin your skin?

He adds the procedure is more effective than more aggressive treatments for acne scarring. However, like any procedure, microneedling can cause possible complications, including bleeding, bruising, infection, scarring, and pigment problems.

How many needles is best for dermapen?

And 31(0.25mm) to 33(0.2mm) gauge should be ideal for professional microneedling. We use 33 needle gauge which is the thinnest in the market. Needle length can be adjustable from 0~2.5mm or 0~2.0mm. Very few devices provide fixed needle length.

Are DermaPen results permanent?

Maintaining Lasting Results
The effects of a micro needling pen are not permanent, so clinicians recommend a maintenance program which could include quarterly procedures to keep skin looking it’s best.

How often should you DermaPen?

Micro-needling can be safely repeated every 4-6 weeks until you achieve the desired results. For collagen induction we recommend to start with 3 treatments, but with a minimum separation time of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments. For scar reduction an average of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended.

Can I wear makeup after DermaPen?

STIMULATE – In the days following your Dermapen treatment, and as the skin starts to regenerate, collagen stimulating peptides are ideal to continue the stimulation. MAKEUP – It is recommended that makeup should not be applied for 12 hours after the procedure.

Can I use dermapen at home?

Using an electric derma pen at home isn’t very different from using a manual micro needling roller. … Run the device over skin in all directions (up and down, side to side, and diagonally) about 5 times in each direction. Extra treatment can be done to scars or deep wrinkles. Following treatment apply vitamin C serum.

Why does my skin look worse after Microneedling?

There are other possibilities that can lead to increased wrinkling after medical microneedling. In the short term, lines can appear worse for the first few days after a treatment due to transepidermal water loss (TEWL).

What’s better dermaroller or dermapen?

The needles in Microneedling Pens penetrate the skin vertically whereas with Microneedling rollers the needles penetrate the skin at an angle causing more chance of ‘tears’ through the skin leading to more side effects and therefore longer recovery time.

Can I wash my face after Microneedling?

After Microneedling Treatment
Wait at least four hours to wash your face. Your skin may feel warm and tight and look red for one to three days. During this period, use a delicate cleanser and moisturizer, and apply 1% hydrocortisone cream as needed to soothe skin irritation.

Should I moisturize after Microneedling?

If you’ve had microneedling with Hyaluronic Acid or Growth Factor, cleanse your skin gently with only water before bed that night and moisturize. Practice good sun protection and avoid abrasive cleansers (scrubs) or topicals (Retinol, Retin A, etc.) for 2–3 days. Avoid aggressive exercise for the next 2-3 days.

What does skin look like after Microneedling?

“Directly after the treatment, skin looks bright red from the heat, with an almost sunburn-like feeling, but it’s not all that bad.” Keeping skin hydrated can help take down the redness, too. Your skin may feel tight and dry.

Can you microneedle everyday?

The frequency of your treatments will depend on the length of your derma roller’s needles and your skin’s sensitivity. If your needles are shorter, you may be able to roll every other day, and if the needles are much longer, you may need to space out treatments every three to four weeks.

Can you microneedle your lips?

According to the experts, a dermaroller should not be used directly on the lips themselves. “It will cause significant swelling and bleeding temporarily if used on the lips.” That being said, microneedling the areas around the lips is generally fine, since that skin isn’t as delicate as the lips themselves.

Why do my pores look bigger after Microneedling?

When microneedling on enlarged pores, the skin, for some days looks a bit rough and the pores appear bigger because of the damage caused by the needles. After a natural wound healing response is activated, that produces new collagen, the skin looks plumped up and tightened and the enlarged pore becomes smaller.

Can I do dermapen every week?

Mild treatments may be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks. Deep treatments for scars may be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks. Here are a few pages that will assist in your review of the Dermapen.

Does dermapen remove acne scars?

Dermapen has been used to lighten acne scars for many years now. Micro-needling technology breaks up the fiberous tissues and stimulates the growth of new, healthier tissue. The process of micro-needling creates micro-punctures on the face.

Can Microneedling cause scarring?

But deep microneedling treatments may cause the skin to bleed or bruise. Possible scarring. Microneedling isn’t a good idea for people who’ve had keloids, scars that look like large bubbles on the skin. It could make the condition worse.

How many sessions of Microneedling do you need?

Microneedling typically requires nine months of treatment. During this time, you’ll need three to six treatments spaced out every two to six weeks to see full results. The exact number of treatments and the time between them will vary by type, location, and skin concern.

Can Microneedling make scars worse?

Some at-home microneedling devices can actually worsen acne scars because they creates too much skin damage. If you are considering microneedling, I always recommend speaking to a board-certified dermatologist in order of avoid harming your skin any further.

How long does it take for skin to heal after Microneedling?

Healing from microneedling usually takes a mere 24 hours. However, it may take up to two to three days depending on the extent of the treatment. You can are free to return to work or school immediately after treatment and wear makeup 24 hours after your treatment.

Can I reuse dermapen needles?

The Dermapen’s sterile needle tips are designed to be disposable and for are for a single-use only, to prevent cross-contamination and infection. The needle tips cannot be be properly decontaminated due to the materials used in the construction of the needle tip cartridge itself.

How deep is a dermapen?

Fine lines, mild stretch marks, and scaring may be treated with a medium needle depth (approximately 1.0 mm). Deep acne scarring, surgical and deeper scars, wrinkles, pore size, stretch marks, and skin texture can be treated with the deepest needle depth (approximately 1.5mm to 2.0mm).

Is Nano needling better than Microneedling?

Nano-needling only punctures the first layer of the skin (epidermis) while micro-needling penetrates into the deep dermis. If you are concerned about fine lines & wrinkles, swelling, dark pigmentation or sagging skin, then nano-needling is for you.

What should I do after dermapen treatment?

CLEAN – Use a soothing cleanser or face wash with tepid water to cleanse the face for the following 48 hours and gently dry the treated skin. Always make sure that your hands are clean when touching the treated area. HYDRATE – Following your Dermapen treatment, your skin may feel drier than normal.

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Is Microneedling Pen Safe?

Microneedling is a process that people are generally becoming aware of. It has been in use for centuries but in different forms. The Chinese are especially famous for making use needles in various stress relief therapies and more. It is generally referred to as Skin needling. Other famous words used for this particular phenomenon includes Collagen induction therapy which is abbreviated as CIT.

How does Microneedling or Skin Needling Work?
The process of microneedling involves usage of a microneedle skin roller (derma roller or skin roller) or micro needling pen (derma stamp pen). They have needles with fine points. They are handheld, and many micro-needles are used in multiple numbers on surface of human skin. The length of needles present in these devices ranges from one mm to three mm. These needles are used for micro puncturing of the skin.

Only the layer on topmost region of the skin is penetrated by these needles. Needling of the skin is actually used for the activation of the natural healing process of the human skin. The process is basically dependent on the creation of collagen and elastin with the help of small punctures in the skin.

The small puncture wounds that are created on the skin stimulate tremendous collagen production in the topmost layer of the skin. These initiate breaking of old scar tissues or collagen fibers which exist directly beneath the surface of the human skin.

Blood clotting is created because of this process which in turn creates the right kind of environment needed for the formation of collagen and elastin. These two are the most important elements that are need by the skin in general for rejuvenation and reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, scars or even stretch marks.

Is Microneedle Treatment Painful?
The entire skin needling process appears somewhat drastic in general. This is not the case in reality as the entire approach is at a microscopic level. The trauma that is displayed on the outward skin is quite insignificant.

Microneedling with a dermaroller or derma stamp pen is not really painful. Many home users reported a mild prickling sensation during a procedure. If you are treating a severe skin conditions such as deep wrinkles and scars, then you might require a more aggressive treatment. Sometimes, the process makes use of numbing cream in order to numb the pores and skin.

This removes all of the discomfort in the entire treatment. Numbing creams ensure a rather painless experience involving mild tingling feelings. The skin needle therapy utilizing a derma roller or derma stamp pen can easily be performed on all type of skin and colors. Those with sensitive type of skin can also enjoy the benefits of this therapy.

Does Microneedling Work?
The therapy will leave people with wonderful skin. The skin will turn tighter and smoother apart from being thicker in just several treatments. Other amazing benefits include increase in the blood flow to the treated areas. As collagen steadily rebuild your skin tissue, scars are minimized, and a similar effect is displayed with the fine lines and wrinkles. The effect of moisturizers and serums is greatly enhanced due to the increase in absorption.

Other amazing results include minimizing of stretch marks and visible reduction in hair loss. The entire process can be repeated after every six to eight weeks. The only requirement is healing of epidermis. The formation of collagen can be continued for a period of twelve months after the completion of one treatment!

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Derma Stamp Pen | Needling Pen – Buy Derma Pen

What is a Derma Stamp Pen?
First of all, it’s important to understand why you should use a needling device. The simple answer to this is that you want your skin to look fresher and younger since it will fill in things like acne scars with collagen. The Derma Stamp Pen is a device that takes microneedling to the next step by allowing a professional to stamp your skin with the disposable “head.” Inside of the head there are several needles inside.
The Derma stamp pen can control the needles’ depth, which is an important factor in achieving the best possible result. Stamping causes less trauma to your epidermis since the derma roller produces larger holes. This means less pain and downtime for you.

How Needling Pen Helps Your Skin
Needling Pen causes micro-injuries to your skin’s epidermis. This tells your body to produce collagen to fix the area that’s been damaged. The result is that your skin is firmer, wrinkles are slightly improved and scarring will be noticeably different.
Another reason to consider Derma Stamp Pen treatments is that it helps your epidermis absorb products better as it heals. Regardless of what products you’re using, they’ll penetrate your skin more deeply, which means they’ll do their job better.

Here are some other things you should know about this treatment:
1. It will improve your dynamic wrinkles (those caused by repetitive movement), but it won’t completely remove them.
2. It will lessen other wrinkles, especially if you have multiple treatments.
3. It will only lighten your melasma (a patchy, brown discoloration) if you also use quality lightening products at the same time.
4. It will help fix any dents in your skin from scarring.
5. It will make your skin look somewhat tighter and younger.

What Derma Stamp Pen Treatment is like
You will need an appointment with a practitioner in your area. Initially, they will give you a consult in which they take photos with a special camera. They’re then instantly analyzed via computer so that reports are instantaneously produced. They use this information to explain to you what you should expect from the treatment.
At the beginning of a treatment the technician applies a topical ointment to numb your face for 20 to 30 minutes. Once your face is numb, the technician removes the ointment and applies a hyaluronic acid to your face to plump it up. Your technician will then start stamping your face, starting with your forehead. The technician places each stamp directly next to the other one to cover your whole face. The needle itself reaches 25mm deep on your forehead and somewhat deeper on your cheeks but you’ll barely feel it. When the DermaStamp reaches an area of scar tissue, you can feel it meeting some resistance. After the technician does your forehead, they will follow-up by doing your cheeks, nose and upper lip in that order.
Afterwards there will be a short downtime. For this reason, you’ll want to choose the best time to have it done. You definitely don’t want to have it done before a big event or when you want photographs taken. During the down time you’ll feel like you have a bad sunburn, which is typical of all cosmetic procedures of this nature, and you’ll be fairly red. Also, you may develop petechia (when small blood vessels burst underneath your skin) and have several small, red dots on different parts of your face for about a week.
You can’t wear makeup for 24 hours. Instead, be gentle with your skin for several days, hydrating it with products like hyaluronic acid. Wait until the third day to resume your skin care routine. Then about a month later you’ll notice that your scars aren’t as deep and that your wrinkles have lessened. Unfortunately, you won’t see much improvement in melasma or pore size.

Why You Should Do This Treatment Yourself
Since this procedure is mildly bloody, you can perform this procedure yourself. When a technician does the procedure for you, the blood isn’t seen, so you won’t have much to worry about. Nevertheless, if you’re squeamish you can have the treatment done at a clinic.

The Bottom Line
There are doctors’ offices throughout the U.S. that offer this procedure. Make sure whomever you choose is very knowledgeable and doesn’t try to push anything on you. Typically, the treatment costs between $300 and $700 per session. Keep in mind, you’ll probably need more than one session.
The procedure is quite simple. If you are not afraid of a little bleeding, you can purchase a derma stamp pen and definitely perform the treatment at home. You will get professional results without the hefty price tag! The price of derma stamp pen is only less than $100.

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MYM Microneedle Derma Pen – BuyDermaPen

Unlike the conventional skin treatment remedies, you do not have to spend a fortune on the derma pen. It is least expensive. The sharp needles on the derma pen will create miniscule pores on the uppermost layer of the skin. This in turn will enhance collagen production and will replace dead skin tissues with new skin cells. One of the greatest advantages of using the derma pen is that you do not have to wait for long to see visible and better results. It is easy to use the derma pen. You just need to follow the instructions on the manual that comes along with the kit of the derma pen.

The needles are sterile and you do not have to worry about any infection or skin allergies. This also a great advantage of the derma pen, as the usage of other derma pen in the market can cause pain and will create rashes when you use them. Hereafter, you do not have to bother about fixing appointments with busy dermatologists or visit their overcrowded skin clinics. You can use the derma pen at the leisure and comfort of your home. The device is compact and you can easily carry it while you are on a business trip or while you are on vacations.

What is derma pen?

The derma pen is a portable automatic micro needle Derma Rejuvenation Therapy. It is a Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment which is widely used for skin rejuvenation, enhancement of skin elasticity,wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, stimulation of Hair growth,whitening and administration of active ingredients.This device helps cosmetics to be penetrated and absorbed with stimulating the skin.
You need not to buy a new one every time.Just replace the needle.Needle length is adjustable from 0.25mm to 2.5mm.It is more convenient to treat narrow areas such as nose, around eye or mouth.Besides,the vibration speed can be controlled in 5 levels.

MYM Derma Pen Microneedling Machine For Collagen Induction Therapy Uses:

1) Scar Removal – including acne scar removal / treatment
2) Stretch Mark Removal / Treatment
3) Anti Ageing,Anti Wrinkle
4) Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
5) Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration
6) Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

1. Level 1-Green/ Level 2-Sky Blue/ Level 3-sky blue/ Level 4-Pink Level 5- Red.
2. It starts from the lowest to the highest,when you turn on the power firstly.The speed cycles low to high.But when you stop the machine temporarily, it starts from final speed of just before use.( Only if the power turns on)
3. If you want to stop the machine, press the button for 2 seconds.
4. Adjustment of needle length you can adjust the length of needle by turning the adjustment ring clockwise or counter clockwise. Turning it clockwise, length of it will be longer. Turning it counter clockwise,length of it will be shorter.

Level 1. :25~30Time/sec
Level 2. :35~40Time/sec
Level 3. :45~50Time/sec
Level 4. :55~60Time/sec
Level 5. :65~70Time/sec

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MYM Derma pen Microneedling Therapy – Buy Derma Pen

MYM Derma pen Microneedling Therapy – Buy Derma Pen

The Derma pen is automatic and rechargeable,it is easy to use, you don`t have to buy a new one every tome, just replace the needle. Needle length is adjustable to different sizes depend on the areas and purposes of the treatment. It is more convenient to treat narrow area such as nose, around eye or mouth. the advantage of derma pen is: painless, safe, sanitary and good result.

MYM derma pen is an advanced version of a micro needling device. The invention is truly revolutionary. MYM derma pen device has been created solely for the purpose of skin lifting and tightening along with the rejuvenation process. This amazing invention has the ability to create visible improvement in the emergence of:
Fine lines
Surgical and Acne scars
Stretch marks

How does Derma Pen Work?

A derma stamp pen is an advanced technology with an internal motor within a pen which enables an oscillation rate of about hundred and ten revolutions per second for the needle tip. The needles effectively creates thousands of extremely tiny punctures on the surface of skin and create micro traumas.
Massive amount of healthy collagen is then created by the skin as an immune response and as result scars and wrinkles are filled. The entire process involves healing of skin. After the skin experiences any kind of damage an immediate replacement of the damaged tissue is made. The result of this process varies from patient to patient, however in general the noticeable results begin to appear after a week of the treatment.


(1). Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment.
(2). Stretch mark removal.
(3). Anti aging.
(4). Anti wrinkle,wrinkle removal.
(5). Cellulite treatment/ cellulite reduction or removal.
(6). Anti-Hair removal/ hair restoration.
(7). Hyper pigmentation treatment.
(8). Moisturizer.
(9). Pigment removal.
(10). Promote absorbency of skin care products 40times.


1. Atomatic and charging
2. Adjustable Needle length from 0.25mm to 2.00mm
3. Adjustable 5 level speed control from 1800rpm to 7000rpm
4. 12 Needle Tip using 30 gauge Acupuncture Needles to reduce discomfort
5. Digital Motor in Hand-piece
6. Highest quality for medical professionals(Aluminum Housing)
7. Optimal absorption of products
8. Compact and ergonomic design

Newest needle length adjustable bio needle hydra stamp H24 07
Portable Hydra Needle 24 pins Micro Needle Derma Stamp Anti Acne Scars Hair Loss

Bio Needle H24
Bio Needle is to stimulate collagen production and to increase the absorption of skincare products.
But traditional derma roller it’s not easy to operation, as you have to use another hand or one assistant to help you get essence liquid on face.
This new H24 Bio needle item with bottle successful combine micro needle with essence liquid and import it automatically. Do not need assistant, do not need go to clinic to do hydra roller treatment, you can do it at home from now on! At-home microneedle have much smaller needles than the tools in the dermatologist office, so they aren’t supposed to hurt.

Treatment Theory:
Theory of bio needle Therapy: bio needle therapy uses a knead rod inlayed with titanium alloy needles, accompanying with functional nutrition liquid, regularly rolling in the places which need to cure, it can puncture more than 300, 000 micro vessels on the epidermal within five minutes, form a efficient nutrient delivery system in the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue, with which the active ingredient of the nutrition can entry into skin effectively. Then make skin maintenance, skin care, skin treatment and skin beauty to be perfect Bio-needles therapy is effective, safe and reliable with simple operation and reasonable price.The Bio-needle care is simple, can do common outdoor activities, including basking, but please note anti-sunburn supplies are needed.

Specifications for 24pin Bio Needle
Item name: Bio needle
Model No. H24
Adjustable needle length 0-1.5mm
Needle pins 24 pins
Material gold plated
Bottle Volume 10ml
Operating mode: stamp and press by hands
Product dimension 88mm*31mm
Package dimension 101*67*33mm
Gross weight 50g
Carton size 45*35*32cm/180pcs/11kg

Needle pin 24 pins
Needle length Can be adjusted: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.5mm
Package weight 50g
Package size 101*67*33mm

(1) Integrated design, more convenient to use
Compared with the traditional microneedle use procedure, it is necessary to apply the relevant essence after the microneedle is finished. Bio needle 24 pins simplifies these two steps into one step, and evenly applies the essence while using the microneedles. It can be adjustable needles depth direct, from 0-1.5mm. It is more convenient to use and saves time.

(2) Spread evenly and increase absorption
Each needle can bring the essence into the cortex, which can maximize the effect of the essence, while also reducing unnecessary waste of the essence. The seal design makes it easier to treat the skin locally.

(3) Widely used and safe and effective
Suitable for all people, can be used at home or in clinical use. It is recommended to be used once and to ensure more safety and hygiene.

24pin Bio Needle advantages:
1. Safe, anti-slip, comfortable sheath design
2. The bottle of the essence is more firmly fixed
3. Viewing window for the usage of essence
4. Scale adjustment anti-skid groove
5, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 can be used with adjustable needle length, which is efficient and well used. A product can be used in combination with different skin problems to adjust the needle length flexibly, so that the skin care can achieve the effect.
6. Cone-shaped micro-needle has a more significant effect on minimally invasive care.
7. Delicate packaging volume and low freight

Function for Applicator | 24pin Bio Needle
1. Deeply hydrates and oxygenates dermis and epidermis
2. Brings instant relief by reducing skin trauma post-sun exposure
3. Reduces discomfort of overdried skin (roughness, itching)
4. Restores the mineral and ionic balance of the skin
5. Improves skin hydration from the inside out
6. Activates skin’s self-healing mechanisms against UV, pollutions and allergies (supports immune system of the skin)
7. Reduces deep wrinkles and symptoms of photo-aging and sagging
8. Rejuvenates the skin and improves its complexion
9. Restores skin firming and elasticity
10. Give instant and long-lasting effects!

Professional meso microneedling derma pen with liquid mesotherapy hyaluronic serum injector microneedling professional DP14 01
What is dermapen micro-needling?

Dermapen micro-needling uses a small dermatology treatment device (the dermapen), for a micro-needling procedure which has the capability to effectively address skin problems such as ageing, fine lines, stretch marks and acne scars.

The dermapen derives its name from the word ‘dermatology’ and a ‘pen’, which it resembles in appearance. The dermapen micro-needling treatment is able to achieve skin which is tighter, brighter and refreshed. Dermapen is now favoured by cosmetic experts around the world, after having proved its efficiency and effectiveness, as well as flexibility in how it is used.
In this blog, we take a look at how dermapen micro-needling works, ask who is suitable for the procedure, and answer frequently asked questions about the treatment.

How does dermapen micro-needling work?
Like traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy, dermapen micro-needling works by puncturing the top layer of skin to promote healing. Unlike acupuncture, the aim of micro-needling is to improve the appearance of skin, rather than reduce any pain.
A dermapen consists of 12 needles which are used to pierce the skin. The pen is held vertically over the skin and once the pen is in the right position, a small motor will be turned on inside the pen which causes the needles to penetrate the skin by moving back and forth rapidly. Due to their special design, the needles slightly rotate and effectively open up pores and puncture the top layer of skin.
It is important that the pen pierces the skin as this is what triggers skin rejuvenation. When an individual cuts or hurts themselves, the skin will repair itself by generating collagen and elastin, which stimulates growth. Applying this same principle to dermapen micro-needling, the skin will increase elastin and collagen production to treat the pierced skin. To a certain extent, micro-needling tricks the skin into healing itself, leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

What is dermapen micro-needling able to treat?
Dermapen micro-needling is most commonly used on the face to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but can also be used to treat common skin problems such as stretch marks and scars on different areas of the body. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons to get a dermapen treatment:
• To reduce the appearance of a scar: After the skin heals a wound and forms a scar, the body acts as though the area has been returned to normal. Dermapen micro-needling can puncture the scar tissue and stimulate the skin to replace the damaged skin with new, unscarred skin.
• To reduce the appearance of stretch marks: Like scarring, the body does not treat stretch marks as something that needs to be healed. Dermapen micro-needling over stretch marks can initiate healing and promote the growth of new skin.
• To minimise fine lines and wrinkles: The elastin and collagen induction, caused by wounding the skin with a dermapen causes skin to tighten and thicken, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dermapen micro-needling can, therefore, be considered an anti-aging treatment.

What are the benefits of dermapen micro-needling?
Aside from its anti-aging and scar reducing benefits, dermapen micro-needling has many other benefits including:
• Minimizing enlarged pores
• Tightening the skin
• Treating hair loss problems such as alopecia
• Helps the skin to absorb products more efficiently, ensuring the most benefits can be received from skin care products

Who is an ideal candidate for dermapen micro-needling?
Dermapen micro-needling is a minimally invasive treatment and therefore is considered suitable for most people, providing they are in good general health. However, individuals on acne medication should consult with their GP to check the treatment is suitable for them. Pregnant women are similarly advised not to receive dermapen treatment.
Dermapen micro-needling has no severe side effects and is therefore suitable for individuals who wish to maintain their busy lifestyle. After the treatment, some mild bruising may occur and it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight for a week and wearing suncream is advised. After three days any bruises or redness should fade.
Frequently asked questions about dermapen micro-needling

Will dermapen micro-needling hurt?
A topical anaesthetic will be administered prior to treatment, usually 30 minutes before, to ensure the treatment is painless. A numbing cream may also be used if a patient has particularly sensitive skin.

How many times will the pen puncture my skin?
The dermapen is able to create 1,300 micro punctures per second, this number of punctures stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin without compromising normal skin functions.

How should I prepare for the treatment?
Drinking lots of water and trying to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables in the week before your treatment will help prepare your skin for the treatment. Maintaining a good skin care routine is also advisable and it is recommended you exfoliate your skin 2-3 days before your treatment.

How is a dermapen different from a dermaroller?
Dermapen treatment is generally considered to be superior to a dermaroller as it is less painful and a dermapen treatment has less recovery time.

How many dermapen treatments will be required?
Skin rejuvenation can be achieved with one treatment, however, for more extensive problems such as acne scarring, multiple treatments may be required.
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Microneedling vs. Chemical Peel: Which is Better for You??

Two fairly recent skin treatments are gaining popularity for both men and women: microneedling and chemical peels. Both procedures require no downtime and are fairly safe when done by a medical professional. However, not everyone may be qualified for these treatments, so it’s important for patients to know the differences between the two when choosing which procedure to try for their skin type.

So which is better for you? Microneedling caters to any skin color, and is great for treating sagging skin and severe wrinkles, while chemical peels work better on fair-skinned patients, and effectively removes age spots, dark spots, and freckles, among other skin spots. Both microneedling and chemical peels can be done at home, but you can always have these professionally done in dermatology clinics, especially if you feel that it’s safer and better overall.

Microneedling vs. Chemical Peel

Microneedling and chemical peels are two cosmetic procedures available in most aesthetic clinics. Both are designed to treat certain skin issues that can be difficult to remove with home remedies and DIY beauty tools available to everyday users.

How Microneedling Works

Microneedling – sometimes called collagen induction therapy by other clinics – is the process of using thin needles to puncture the skin. These microtears trigger the body’s natural healing process for skin trauma, resulting in elastin and collagen production. These substances repair the damaged layers of skin, getting rid of the broken skin tissue and replacing it with younger, healthier skin tissue.

Microneedling with the shortest possible needle length is enough to trigger the production of collagen and elastin. Microneedling treatment done with longer needles, on the other hand, go deeper into the layers of the skin to repair more rooted issues like wrinkles and sun damage. No downtime is necessary for minor microneedling sessions, but those who use longer needles may take more time to recover from their sensitive skin. After several sessions, you can see visibly youthful, healthy skin.

How Chemical Peels Treat Your Skin

Chemical peel treatments are a skin-resurfacing procedure that use a variety of chemical solutions to treat different types of skin issues.The procedure starts with cleaning your skin thoroughly and protecting your eye area.Then, a medical professional applies a numbing cream or anesthetic, especially if you’re opting for a medium or deep peel. Patients may also be sedated for a deep peel. A chemical solution consisting of acids and other active ingredients are applied to the skin, which will remove its top layer, getting rid of the damaged skin cells in the process. This will sting, but new skin will then grow in its place.

Peels can be light, medium, or deep, depending on what area of concern you’re trying to treat:

Light Chemical Peel – Also known as superficial peels, this removes the outer layer of your skin known as the epidermis. Good for wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tones.
Medium Chemical Peel – Removes the epidermis plus the upper portion of your middle layer (the dermis). This is for deeper wrinkles and acne scars.
Deep Chemical Peel – Removes the skin cells deeper into the epidermis. Recommended for even deeper wrinkles, scars, and precancerous growths.

Microneedling and chemical peels offer a way to shed old skin cells and replace them with newer, younger-looking skin cells. While both procedures don’t answer every skin concern, you can always go for the treatment that addresses your condition more effectively. Consult with a dermatologist or medical professional which procedure among the two is better for you.

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Hydra Roller vs Other Microneedling Tools: Which Should You Get?

These days, there’s a microneedling product specifically made for nearly every skin problem. However, not all of these are equally effective for all skin conditions. People might even have bad experiences with skincare products that are just full of false promises. That’s why it’s crucial to research which product is best and most effective for your skin type.

So which microneedling tool should you get? One popular tool is the Hydra Roller, a modified version of the typical derma roller and a go-to product of those who like practical and time-saving beauty tools. When it comes to microneedling, you’ll actually find plenty of options available. Aside from the microneedling procedures offered by aesthetic clinics and dermatologists, there are plenty of microneedling devices for sale which can confuse you. But how does the popular Hydra Roller perform versus any other microneedling device on the market?

Hydra Roller vs. Microneedling Pens

Hydra Rollers and microneedling pens are both microneedling tools. However, Hydra Rollers are a more innovative version of derma rollers. Instead of the usual handheld model of microneedling rollers, the roll with the needles is attached to a serum cartridge.

Before you use your Hydra Roller, you need to fill up the cartridge with your favorite serum. We recommend using hyaluronic acid to help with hydration, though you can opt to use any other serum. As you begin the microneedling process, the serum goes out through the roller. The serum then enters the microchannels created by the needles and infuses deeply into your skin. Ideally, you should practice weekly or bi-weekly use to achieve your skin goals.

Pros and Cons

Hydra Roller Microneedling Pen

Deeper Serum Infusion. The Hydra Roller offers instant serum infusion as soon as you begin the procedure. Each time you roll the Hydra Roller over the area you’re trying to treat, you can infuse serum into your skin while the microchannels are still fresh. This helps increase your skin’s serum absorption rate.

Affordable. Derma rollers are more affordable than motorized microneedling pens, and Hydra Rollers are around the mid-range prices of derma rollers. The Hydra Roller can also be re-used multiple times until the needles become blunt – just remember to sterilize the device before and after every use.

Good for Beginners. The Hydra Roller is a 64-pin 0.5 mm derma roller. Its needle length is best used for beginners, first-time users, and those looking for superficial results that do not require deeper needle lengths.

Stainless Steel Needles. These are more affordable than titanium needles offered by more expensive microneedling products. These are also more sterile, which can help reduce the chance of infection. Smaller Microchannels. Microneedling pen needles are sharp and thin. When used correctly, it penetrates the skin in a straight direction, minimizing the size of the microchannel created. In comparison, both derma rollers and the Hydra Roller enter and leave the skin at an angle, which results in larger microchannels created.

Versatility. Microneedling pens use disposable cartridge pens in different sizes (nano cartridges, 12-pin, and 36-pin needles). These pens can also be adjusted to different lengths. Depending on the results you’re trying to achieve, you can get microneedling pens according to the level of penetration .

Quicker Microneedling Treatments. Microneedling pens can be rechargeable, battery-operated, or plugged in. It has a motor that helps spring the cartridge to puncture at fast speeds. This makes the process quicker and more efficient, compared to rolling over sections by hand. The speed can also be adjusted so users can go at their own manageable pace.

Usable for Beginners to Long-Time Users. Beginners can start with smaller needle cartridges and use smaller needle lengths. Those who are used to the feeling can eventually increase the needle length to tackle more heavy-duty skin concerns.

Ineffective for Thick Serums. Cream-based serums cannot dispense properly with the Hydra Roller. Make sure your serum has a watery consistency or, at most, a consistency similar to olive oil.

Not for Deeper Skin Concerns. The 0.5 mm needles can be used to trigger your skin’s collagen production, which can fix superficial skin concerns like blemishes, pores, and uneven skin tone. However, it might not be good for those looking for longer needles to treat stretch marks and wrinkles.

Fixed Needles. Unlike microneedling pens, the needles in derma rollers and the Hydra Rollers are fixed. Once the needles go dull, the entire roller should be disposed of.
Not as Affordable as Derma Rollers. While at-home microneedling pens are more affordable than microneedling sessions at aesthetic clinics, they’re actually more expensive than derma rollers.

Less Visible Results Compared to In-Office Sessions. At-home microneedling sessions are usually for boosting collagen production and minor skin concerns. However, despite its price, it does not have the same result as the treatments from an aesthetic clinic.

Limited to 2.0 mm Needles. While microneedling pens are adjustable, it’s recommended home users avoid going beyond 2.0mm. Beyond this, bleeding will be likely, punctures will be deeper and will reach the inner layer of skin. Because of this, the risk of getting a skin infection is more likely..

Why Microneedling?

Microneedling is a popular minimally invasive procedure that can be done either in aesthetic clinics or in the comfort of your own home. It uses your body’s natural response to skin trauma to help you develop healthier, younger-looking skin while also getting rid of dull and dead skin cells that make your skin look worn.

How It Works

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy because it uses your body’s natural response to damaged skin tissue. When the needles puncture your skin, it creates these tiny punctures called microchannels. These trigger your skin’s trauma response and it begins to heal itself through natural collagen and elastin production, which start skin tissue growth to naturally repair these small wounds.

Aside from healing these microchannels, the production of collagen and elastin also help to get rid of dead skin cells and produce more youthful, healthier ones. Skin tissue growth results in newer skin cells taking over dying skin cells that will be shed. Microneedling with longer needles reach the inner layer of skin to treat scars, wrinkles, brown spots, and pores, since these skin issues are caused by other factors.

Benefits of Microneedling

Minimal downtime. Microneedling done at home requires no downtime at all, while microneedling in a clinic may require a little downtime, depending on what the aesthetician recommends. Your skin may feel a little more sensitive after a microneedling session, but it’s normal. Just remember to apply sunscreen on your face when going out.
Improved absorption of topical products. If you’re doing at-home microneedling with a Hydra Roller, wait for a few hours before moving onto your skincare routine. Avoid using any chemical peels or products with active ingredients especially on the treated area that is fresh and sensitive as these can be harsh and damaging.
Reduce pore size. The microneedling process can help your enlarged pores look smaller. When the skin’s trauma response is activated, the areas around your pore plumps, resulting in smaller-looking pores.
Does not affect skin tone. Treatments like laser skin resurfacing are not recommended for people with darker skin because the heat can affect pigmentation and cause discoloration. Microneedling does not involve heat and can be used for people with all skin tones.
Firmer skin. Aside from healthier-looking skin, the additional collagen and elastin can make your skin firmer and more elastic. You can also see improvement in skin texture as well as dark spots.

There are many microneedling products on the market, and the Hydra Roller is a must-try for beginners interested in popular skincare treatments and at-home microneedling tools. Pair this with your usual skincare routine and see huge improvements to your skin in a matter of weeks.

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