Is Microneedling Pen Safe?

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Is Microneedling Pen Safe?

Microneedling is a process that people are generally becoming aware of. It has been in use for centuries but in different forms. The Chinese are especially famous for making use needles in various stress relief therapies and more. It is generally referred to as Skin needling. Other famous words used for this particular phenomenon includes Collagen induction therapy which is abbreviated as CIT.

How does Microneedling or Skin Needling Work?
The process of microneedling involves usage of a microneedle skin roller (derma roller or skin roller) or micro needling pen (derma stamp pen). They have needles with fine points. They are handheld, and many micro-needles are used in multiple numbers on surface of human skin. The length of needles present in these devices ranges from one mm to three mm. These needles are used for micro puncturing of the skin.

Only the layer on topmost region of the skin is penetrated by these needles. Needling of the skin is actually used for the activation of the natural healing process of the human skin. The process is basically dependent on the creation of collagen and elastin with the help of small punctures in the skin.

The small puncture wounds that are created on the skin stimulate tremendous collagen production in the topmost layer of the skin. These initiate breaking of old scar tissues or collagen fibers which exist directly beneath the surface of the human skin.

Blood clotting is created because of this process which in turn creates the right kind of environment needed for the formation of collagen and elastin. These two are the most important elements that are need by the skin in general for rejuvenation and reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, scars or even stretch marks.

Is Microneedle Treatment Painful?
The entire skin needling process appears somewhat drastic in general. This is not the case in reality as the entire approach is at a microscopic level. The trauma that is displayed on the outward skin is quite insignificant.

Microneedling with a dermaroller or derma stamp pen is not really painful. Many home users reported a mild prickling sensation during a procedure. If you are treating a severe skin conditions such as deep wrinkles and scars, then you might require a more aggressive treatment. Sometimes, the process makes use of numbing cream in order to numb the pores and skin.

This removes all of the discomfort in the entire treatment. Numbing creams ensure a rather painless experience involving mild tingling feelings. The skin needle therapy utilizing a derma roller or derma stamp pen can easily be performed on all type of skin and colors. Those with sensitive type of skin can also enjoy the benefits of this therapy.

Does Microneedling Work?
The therapy will leave people with wonderful skin. The skin will turn tighter and smoother apart from being thicker in just several treatments. Other amazing benefits include increase in the blood flow to the treated areas. As collagen steadily rebuild your skin tissue, scars are minimized, and a similar effect is displayed with the fine lines and wrinkles. The effect of moisturizers and serums is greatly enhanced due to the increase in absorption.

Other amazing results include minimizing of stretch marks and visible reduction in hair loss. The entire process can be repeated after every six to eight weeks. The only requirement is healing of epidermis. The formation of collagen can be continued for a period of twelve months after the completion of one treatment!