Dr Pen M8 Needles | Derma Pen Nano Needles Cartridges


Dr Pen M8 Needles | Derma Pen Nano Needles Cartridges

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M8 Nano painless micro infusion bbglow, hair infusion tips 50pcs

Dr. pen M8 Newest Finest Nano infusion plate
50 pieces Nano pin tips

Adjustable max 2.5 dial range
The thinnest tip in the market. Professional.

Anti-age / thin skin / hair restore / pores / bbglow

All tips and needles are made by stainless steel.

Product Name: M8 Dermapen Needle Cartridge, Nano Needle Cartridge For Dr.Pen M8 Auto Electric Dermapen
Needle number: 11/16/24/36/42Pins/Round nano/5D nano/3D nano/Silicone nano
Function: Moisturizing Hydra, Firming, Nourishing
Needle length: 0.2-2.5mm

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11 Pins Needle Cartridge, 16 Pins Needle Cartridge, 24 Pins Needle Cartridge, 36 Pins Needle Cartridge, 3D Nano Needle Cartridge, 42 Pins Needle Cartridge, 5D Nano Needle Cartridge, Round Nano Needle Cartridge, Silicone Nano Needle Cartridge


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