Meso Microneedle Pen | Auto Derma Micro Needle Pen


Meso Microneedle Pen | Auto Derma Micro Needle Pen


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1. Water light skin = hyaluronic acid + N kinds of beauty options
2. Import beauty materials, with security for the beautiful escort.
3. non-surgical, traumatic small, fast and convenient, that is to do that go.
4. Replenish the water effectively replenish the cheeks, lips, neck, chest,back and other necessary water.
5. For freckles, dark circles, acne, small pores, improve skin inflammation.
6. enhance the compact, improve eye wrinkles, enhance the sagging face, neck

Product Name Led injection derma pen
Type of needle 9/12/24/36/42 /nano/3D/5D/6D
Material of needle medical stainless steel
OEM service Available

Use Principle
9 /12/24/36/42/nano round/3D/5D needles for choice
* 9 pins : lips /eyeliner
* 12 pins :Acne/ pore removal /lifting
* 24 pins :Acne/ pore removal /lifting
* 36 pins :Stretch marks
* 42 pins :Stretch marks
* 3D/5D/nano :Massage dark circels


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