Led Derma Pen | Electric Mesotherapy Injection Derma Pen


Led Derma Pen | Electric Mesotherapy Injection Derma Pen


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Water mesotherapy is to inject hyaluronic acid into skin. Hyaluronic acid contains moisture, 200-300 times as rich as one’s body. So that it makes the skin smooth, soft, bright and hydrated after the injection. Actually, skin care products only hydrate moisture on the cutin. So that over smearing those products cannot deeply provide moisture for the skin. As we know, acne, wrinkle and inelasticity would appear if skin lacks moisture. Water mesotherapy will solves all the problems by reason of lacking moisture, such as sallow skin, color spot, winkle… And it will supply moisture for demis. Therefore water mesotherapy will works well on whitening, moisturizing and renewing inelasticity.

Technical principle:
1. Electric nano-injection gun adopts nano micro crystal blasting shallow conduction, deep guiding technology, allowing skin to quickly rstore self generating gel.

2. The ability of the original protein, in the dermis deep down, fixed, positioning, layering, quantitative injection of cosmetic materials, build a nutrition warehouse. After flatterning, dermis collagen is continuouslyhy and massively generated rapidly. The dermal collagen layer is thickened, and the epidermis is connected more closely. Instant plastic, firm lifting, smooth wrinkles, noticeably improved skin texture, nourished skin, significantly control again.

Adjustment of 7Bio Lights (nm)
Greenlight-effect on sedation,soothing and purifying.
Red light-reduce fine lines and wrinkle, anti-aging .
Blue light-acne/skin inflammation, anti-inflammatory
Yellowlight-decompose pigment, improve rough skin
Purple light-repairing the acne/scar
Cyan light-gradual enhance cell energy
Laser light-penetrate the skin deep, accelerate active
tissue metabolism decomposition color spots


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