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Derma Stamp Pen | Needling Pen – Buy Derma Pen

What is a Derma Stamp Pen?
First of all, it’s important to understand why you should use a needling device. The simple answer to this is that you want your skin to look fresher and younger since it will fill in things like acne scars with collagen. The Derma Stamp Pen is a device that takes microneedling to the next step by allowing a professional to stamp your skin with the disposable “head.” Inside of the head there are several needles inside.
The Derma stamp pen can control the needles’ depth, which is an important factor in achieving the best possible result. Stamping causes less trauma to your epidermis since the derma roller produces larger holes. This means less pain and downtime for you.

How Needling Pen Helps Your Skin
Needling Pen causes micro-injuries to your skin’s epidermis. This tells your body to produce collagen to fix the area that’s been damaged. The result is that your skin is firmer, wrinkles are slightly improved and scarring will be noticeably different.
Another reason to consider Derma Stamp Pen treatments is that it helps your epidermis absorb products better as it heals. Regardless of what products you’re using, they’ll penetrate your skin more deeply, which means they’ll do their job better.

Here are some other things you should know about this treatment:
1. It will improve your dynamic wrinkles (those caused by repetitive movement), but it won’t completely remove them.
2. It will lessen other wrinkles, especially if you have multiple treatments.
3. It will only lighten your melasma (a patchy, brown discoloration) if you also use quality lightening products at the same time.
4. It will help fix any dents in your skin from scarring.
5. It will make your skin look somewhat tighter and younger.

What Derma Stamp Pen Treatment is like
You will need an appointment with a practitioner in your area. Initially, they will give you a consult in which they take photos with a special camera. They’re then instantly analyzed via computer so that reports are instantaneously produced. They use this information to explain to you what you should expect from the treatment.
At the beginning of a treatment the technician applies a topical ointment to numb your face for 20 to 30 minutes. Once your face is numb, the technician removes the ointment and applies a hyaluronic acid to your face to plump it up. Your technician will then start stamping your face, starting with your forehead. The technician places each stamp directly next to the other one to cover your whole face. The needle itself reaches 25mm deep on your forehead and somewhat deeper on your cheeks but you’ll barely feel it. When the DermaStamp reaches an area of scar tissue, you can feel it meeting some resistance. After the technician does your forehead, they will follow-up by doing your cheeks, nose and upper lip in that order.
Afterwards there will be a short downtime. For this reason, you’ll want to choose the best time to have it done. You definitely don’t want to have it done before a big event or when you want photographs taken. During the down time you’ll feel like you have a bad sunburn, which is typical of all cosmetic procedures of this nature, and you’ll be fairly red. Also, you may develop petechia (when small blood vessels burst underneath your skin) and have several small, red dots on different parts of your face for about a week.
You can’t wear makeup for 24 hours. Instead, be gentle with your skin for several days, hydrating it with products like hyaluronic acid. Wait until the third day to resume your skin care routine. Then about a month later you’ll notice that your scars aren’t as deep and that your wrinkles have lessened. Unfortunately, you won’t see much improvement in melasma or pore size.

Why You Should Do This Treatment Yourself
Since this procedure is mildly bloody, you can perform this procedure yourself. When a technician does the procedure for you, the blood isn’t seen, so you won’t have much to worry about. Nevertheless, if you’re squeamish you can have the treatment done at a clinic.

The Bottom Line
There are doctors’ offices throughout the U.S. that offer this procedure. Make sure whomever you choose is very knowledgeable and doesn’t try to push anything on you. Typically, the treatment costs between $300 and $700 per session. Keep in mind, you’ll probably need more than one session.
The procedure is quite simple. If you are not afraid of a little bleeding, you can purchase a derma stamp pen and definitely perform the treatment at home. You will get professional results without the hefty price tag! The price of derma stamp pen is only less than $100.