Vanadium Titanium Injector | No Needle Water Injection Gun


Vanadium Titanium Injector | No Needle Water Injection Gun


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Mesogun is designed for mesotherapy which achieve some skin beautifying effects by injecting small amount of medicine based on the theory that dermal layer, subcutaneous layer and muscle. Without the need of surgery and anesthesia, painless and safety. Does not cause the phenomenon of bleeding, swelling and blood stasis. Super water replenishment, moisturizing and whitening, skin regeneration, skin tightening and brightening, wrinkle removal. Small size, portable and convenient to operate, perfect for home use. Suitable for neutral skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin and acne skin.

Technological theory
By magnetic energy rotary and high pressure jet flow, product is promoted by high speed rotary. It has the features: tiny, high speed, linear erupting. It can directly inject skin underlying 0.1-0.15mm on the basis of not harming epidermal cells. As the real zero trauma, comfortable and painless, it can avoid the pain and edema of injection. It is a real non-injury, new and multi-functional hydro lifting product which can replace needle injection.

1. Moisturizing And Hydrating
2. Improving complexion
3. Tightening and lifting skin
4. Remove fine lines and wrinkles
5. One injection treatment= 1 thousand times facial mask

1. Refined product, non-corroding, no metal residual, no sensitivity.
2. Just like medical beauty instrument, painless, noninvasive, no bleeding.
3. Effective permeability, open the tiny pore and enhance the absorption.
4. Aim at the root of skin problem, the absorption rate is 12 times of the normal beauty product.
5. Whole body can do the treatment.6. Recover immediately, won’t affect your normal life and work.

Product parameter
Voltage AC100-240v
Output Power 9V/1A
G.W 675g
Host Size: 20*13*2.5cm
Packing Size: 23.5*15.5*7.5cm
Accessories one set of instruction, power, needle

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